Health Plans

Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured, Taft Hartley

With costs for medical services and prescriptions rising at a rate higher than inflation, health plans need to be innovative. Our solutions yield immediate cost reductions to you and your clients, aide in revenue growth, and access to care demands. We will address a strategy for growth and provide performance improvements.

Higher Education

Campus health system wait times are increasing, hours of operation are shrinking, and an increasing number of mental health stressors occurring on campuses; non-emergent cases continue to strain campus health systems and the services they provide to students, faculty, and staff.

A growing trend in healthcare, with the goal of minimizing system strain, is the implementation of telemedicine, telehealth, and telemental health solutions. Dorm Room Docs, a brand of Fortified Care, is designed specifically with this goal in mind for all College and University health systems across the US.


Managed Medicaid

A large problem facing the Medicaid system is the overuse of urgent care centers and ER's for non-emergent services. Most Medicaid recipients either haven't selected a PCP or are unable to find one (lack of access), leaving them to seek out more expensive alternatives for care. With the Medicaid expansion brought on by the ACA, along with an influx of new insured individuals entering the nation’s health system, this problem will only grow.

Allow Fortified Care to assist your organization in developing a strategy to provide a much lower cost alternative to urgent care centers and ER's, as well as provide 24/7/365 access to care for your Medicaid recipients.

Health Systems
& ACOs

Whether you are a health system operating under a fee for service or an ACO model for billing methods, Fortified Care has a telehealth solution to fit the needs of your organization.

We assist you with implementing additional services to connect with your local consumers and employers, create additional revenue streams, improve patient access and satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and heighten your coordination for accountable care.

Brokers & Consultants

As the telemedicine/telehealth industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate, you and your clients are starting to receive an influx of calls requesting to offer "their" unique solutions. From reducing MLR's and claims, to simply saving the insured on costly visits to their PCP, urgent care, or ER.

Fortified Care has partnered with some of the largest and most successful telehealth organizations in the market today. We are here to help you and your clients select the best option for their needs.

Fully Insured Employers

If you are a small business trying to save your employees on out of pocket medical expenses, have an HDHP, or are an experienced rated organization looking for intuitive ways to reduce costs, Fortified Care has a telehealth solution to fit your needs.

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